SEALOE and GLOSS OF SWEDEN merges into one powerhouse company.
Together their aim is to create a brand that is unlike anything else on the market today.

GLOSS OF SWEDEN is a Swedish company with their own makeup brand GLOSS COSMETICS. GLOSS COSMETICS is found in the online store,
the flagship store in Umeå, Sweden and they also have a makeup school, GLOSS ACADEMY. Educating tomorrows MUA superstars to international level MUA’s.

”Our goal is to expand our label GLOSS COSMETICS and develop more innovative products and wow our customers” 
- Marielle Isaksson, CEO & Founder of GLOSS OF SWEDEN, also Swedish Champion in makeup 2015.
Ranking in the top 10 MUA’s in the World Championship 2015 & 2016.

Sealoe is a print/poster design store with a edgy photo prints, and scandinavian minimalistic typography prints. 
”I love design and e-commerce and I’m super excited to merge with GLOSS. I’ve always loved makeup and it’s really a dream
come true being able to combine SEALOE and my skill set with something I’m truly passionate about.
I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on behind the scenes”. 
- Madelen Stenlund, CEO & Founder of SEALOE.
Young Entrepreneur Of The Year - North of Sweden
2016 awarded by Founders Alliance. 

Merging these two companies equals a larger agency with a lot of talent in one place and that will make it possible
to take on larger projects within the organization. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and new products will launch during the year of 2016.
These two companies together will be a force to be reckoned with if you love makeup and design.
The beauty industry has taken a turn these last couple of years. The customers are more aware of product content and have high demands when
it comes to the ethics behind a brand. GLOSS OF SWEDEN is a cruelty free brand with it’s own charity foundation, GLOSS DOGS.
Where customers and the company raises and donates money to help dogs in need. 

”We love that our customers are educated and demands the best of our products and our brand in general.
That improves us as a company and in the end, the entire beauty industry” 
- Emelie Holzkämper. Co-Owner GLOSS OF SWEDEN. 

Knowing the business and the direction the beauty industry is going the two companies works with social media to interact with customers and
let them in on what’s to come. YouTube and Instagram have changed the game and the beauty and makeup scene is huge.
”We grew up with idolizing pop-stars, and todays kids have Youtubers as their idols, it’s great and there are soo many talented,
self made beauty gurus on youtube - that’s why we want a strong social media and youtube presence.” - Marielle Isaksson, GLOSS OF SWEDEN.

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