Return / Regret my order

If we get a retun that we're not able to sell
again due to damages created by the customer
we take a fee of 100 SEK since we can't sell the
print order again. Please handle your prints
with care when unpacking and packing to return.

Aahhh such a shame, but we'll help
you with that! Send us an email
with contact info, reason for return and order number to

Damaged order / Incomplete order

Did your order get damaged in any kind
of way? Let us know so we can fix it!

Email us pictures of:
* The packaging,
* The damages of the Sealoe order
and send us your contact info and order number and
we'll sort it out!

Is your order incomplete?
(remember, take-aways and prints ship
at the same time but iPhone Cases ship
separately and there will be 2 packages
if you order prints/take-aways and cases)
If something is missing, send us an email
with your order number and contact info:

Email us at: 
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